Falkner House Girls' School, London - Striving for excellence within a family atmosphere
Girls from Falkner House
Falkner House Building, London

what parents and old falcons say

"Falkner House is small, intimate and we instantly got the impression that all the teachers and girls knew each other very well"

It's terribly approachable and accessible - you're never put on an answerphone, or have to go through a zillion options to get to someone"

"The girls impressed us so much with their sweetness, manners and general deportment. We were knocked out by the way they handled themselves with adults they didn't know. They had no apparent nerves, wonderful conversation and such enthusiasm!"

"It's very personal - Mrs Griggs and the teachers take the trouble to know each girl and her parents by name from day one"

"You can truly find out the girls' thoughts about the school as they walk you around one on one. It also shows that the school has nothing to hide! They trust the girls to be their ambassadors"

Please follow the link to see a clips from the recent Falkner House documentary.